30 Hudson Road Mawson Lakes SA 5095
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• On site sampling of fresh concrete
- Bleed
- Yield
- Air Content
• Core Testing
- Chloride and Sulphate Analysis and profiling
- Carbonation
• Laboratory Trial Mixes
- making, curing and testing specimens
- compressive strength
- flexural strength (modulus of rupture)
- drying shrinkage
- setting times
- apparent volume of permeable voids (AVPV)
- chloride and sulphate content
• Concrete Pipe Testing
- Water Absorption

The concrete testing laboratory is fully equipped to carry out a comprehensive range of testing to assess critical properties of both freshly mixed and hardened concrete.

Our concrete trial mixing area and temperature and humidity controlled testing and curing rooms enable us to perform trial mixes at controlled temperatures together
with the ability to simulate winter and summer conditions for casting, curing, setting and placing properties.

Our core testing area is equipped to assess cause and extent of deterioration of concrete structures through carbonation, chloride content and chloride profile testing.

LAB SA can arrange the securing of cores in association with a leading South Australian coring company and perform both on-site and off-site sample preparation for testing.
concrete & cores