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• Bulk Fill
• Under Floor Fills
• Earthworks
• Service Trenches
• Pavement
- Disturbed sampling and investigation
- Compaction testing
• Geotechnical site inspection and testing
• Level 1 compaction control
• Construction earthworks advice
• Inspection Testing Plan preparation
and management
• Soil classification testing

Geotechnical soil testing is essential for the quality control of any earthworks project regardless of its size. We provide extensive field and laboratory soil testing services.

Our senior soil technicians provide construction earthworks advice and provide a level of service on every project that is second to none. This assists in the efficient and successful completion of any given project.

We specialise in residential and commercial subdivisions, roads, services, infrastructure projects, inspection and testing plan (ITP) preparation and management and level 1 compaction control and reporting.

• Emerson Class of a Soil
• Particle Size Distribution (sieve analysis)
• Plastic Limit and Plasticity Index
(wet sieved; dry sieved)
• Linear Shrinkage(wet sieved; dry sieved)
• Shrink Swell Index
• CBR – California Bearing Ratio Testing
• Coefficient of Uniformity
• Maximum Dry Density
- Standard Compaction
- Modified Compaction
• Moisture Content of Soils
• Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Test

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