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• Plastic Limit and Plasticity Index
• Linear Shrinkage
• Los Angeles Value
• Aggregate Crushing Value
• Weak Particles
• Clay and Fine Silt Content
• Organic Impurities other than sugar
• Foreign Materials in recycled crushed
• CBR California Bearing Ratio Testing
• Visual Comparison
• Sodium Sulphate Soundness

• Sampling from onsite stockpiles
• Particle Density & Water Absorption
• Particle Size Distribution
(sieve analysis)
• Material finer than 75um
• Particle Shape properties
- Flakiness Index
- Elongation Index
- Mishapen Particles
- Average Least Dimension
- Percentage Flat Particles
• Wet/Dry Strength Variation
• Moisture Content of Soils

The assessment of quarried materials is crucial to determine the suitability of these materials for use in concrete, asphalt, rail ballast, road construction and civil construction earthworks projects.

Our quarried material testing facility is fully equipped to provide detailed aggregate assessments, production testing, quality assurance and compliance testing of a wide range of quarried and recycled materials. These tests include the assessment of shape, size, density and hardness characteristics to ensure the consistency, durability and suitability of the material for the proposed end application.

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